SKLAVENITIS SA company was founded in 1973 by Dimitri Sklaveniti. S.t.e.p. was the design,supervision and construction of luxury apartments and single-family homes. The company covering the 4th Decade of presence in the area of construction and having successfully undertaken some of the most demanding projects became SKLAVENITIS SA by the architect Efi Sklaveniti, creating buildings with construction innovations that given gravity, except the design,the functionality and quality of construction, with the aim of better quality of life and enhancing the environment, using and mixing new energy sources and materials compatible with the ecology.

The architect Efi Sklaveniti was born in Sydney-Australia, grew up in Athens and studied at the Aristotle University. Over 20 years dealing with studies and construction dwellings, offices, shops, hotels, residential complexes and business premises, now has experience and expertise in order to be able to respond to any need that may require the most advanced construction. The dynamic design, the use of original and innovative methods and materials, as well as continuous monitoring of projects, are some of the basic features that stand out in the preferences of its clients.
The main concern of the same and Associates, and by extension the company ’ except the uniqueness of the project is the attention given to detail their design according to the needs of each customer, the quality of construction in order to create spaces for operational, aesthetic and technical parity with the aim of better quality of life, raising the standard of living of humankind in conjunction with respect for and enhancement of the environment.

Indicated buildings with unique and innovative design, impeccably aesthetic and constructional, made with respect to the environment, such as: Houses: in Voula, Vouliagmeni, Glyfada, DionysOs, Ekali. Flats: the Voula, Glyfada. Buildings for offices and Shops: in Argyroupoli, Glyfada, Piraeus, Marathonos Avenue, Vouliagmeni. Housing complex in Aegina. Reconstruction of apartments and construction of restaurants, cafe in Glyfada.